Nominating A Charity

The family chooses the charity.

The family can choose any charity they wish. If it is a charity we haven’t work with them before we contact them to seek their agreement to our terms and conditions.

Yes, the donations can be for any purpose such as funds to help the grieving family or a memorial plaque. In this case we will contact the family to seek their agreement to our terms and conditions.

Making A Donation

No, there is no need to register unless you want to add a tribute.

Yes, there is a box to tick on the payment form if you wish to remain anonymous and not receive a receipt.

The minimum amount is $1.00

Yes, people can donate from overseas.

You will receive a confirmation email when you make the pledge to donate and your card will be charged when the collection closes. You will receive a reminder 2 days before the collection closes.

Yes, you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount donated from the charity if they are a registered charity.

The full amount donated is forwarded to the charity and then all the charities we work with have agreed to pay us a service of 8%+GST which includes the 3% we are charged by the bank to process the payments and the Windcave fees.