Terms of use

Memorial Gifting Limited is an online remembrance service where people can donate to the charity of a loved one by going to a Memorial Gifting page set up for the collection.

When the closing date for the contributions is reached the total amount donated by the friends of the family is passed on to the nominated charity.

Memorial Gifting facilitates online donations on behalf of the charities.  We act as an agent for the charities and only hold the donations for provision to the charities. We don’t generate employment relationships, employment, association or partnership between the users and Memorial Gifting.

Memorial Gifting is responsible for the proper operation of the website, but it doesn’t guarantee that donations will be executed, exempting itself from liability in this respect.

Memorial Gifting will use its best endeavours to set up each collection based on the information provided by the Funeral Home or other provider but will not be liable for any errors or omissions in the content of the collection page.
Memorial Gifting uses registration information from Facebook or users can directly join Memorial Gifting. The account access may be done by entering your username and password in the login fields on Facebook, Google or Memorial Gifting.

You are solely responsible for the security of your username and password. It is through this data that you can access and change your personal information and other data from your registration.

If there is any suspected misuse or unauthorised use of your account, immediately notify Memorial Gifting by email to .

These terms and conditions include the Memorial Gifting Privacy Policy.

Memorial Gifting will never use your registration information to conduct any illegal activities.

Fees and Payments

All funds raised for donations require the use of a credit or debit card through the credit card gateway Windcave.

All the pledge details will be held till the collection reaches its deadline at which time the total amount collected will be transferred from Windcave to the Memorial Gifting account which will then transfer it to the account of the nominated charity. Memorial Gifting will normally charge the charity a fee of 8% +GST on the first $4,000 of donations and thereafter 6%+GST. This includes 3% for fees charged by our payment system per transaction. If we encounter any declined payments (eg. insufficient funds on card) the reduced total amount will be forwarded to the charity.

Unless otherwise specified, all rates are quoted in New Zealand Dollars (NZ$). If a collection is withdrawn from Memorial Gifting for violating our Terms of Use, violation of law or by court order, all the supporting pledged donations will be cancelled.

Please note that Windcave and Memorial Gifting are independent, and Memorial Gifting gives no warranty in respect of payments processed by Windcave and is not responsible for failures of credit cards.


Payment to the charity will normally be made within 3 to 7 working days of the funds being received in our bank account from Payment Express. Charities should also allow 3 working days for the direct credit from our bank account to show in their bank account. Payments will only be made to a New Zealand bank account.

Intellectual property

Memorial Gifting Limited owns the intellectual property rights relating to its own service, which are protected by New Zealand law and international treaties. The rights of Memorial Gifting do not include any rights related to content provided by funeral homes or other parties and displayed by Memorial Gifting.

Memorial Gifting reserves the right at its sole discretion, and as notified, to cancel collections and terminate the accounts of donors that violate intellectual property rights of others or violate other rights guaranteed by New Zealand law.

Memorial Gifting allows users to publish comments and reviews without prior review or monitoring and is not responsible for the content generated by its users, nor has it any obligation to monitor such content.

Memorial Gifting reserves the right to remove content or refuse to publish any content submitted by users. Memorial Gifting also reserves the right to access, read, preserve, and disclose any information necessary to fulfil this contract, comply with laws or respond to court orders.

Cancellation Policy

Memorial Gifting reserves the right to terminate any collection at any stage for any reason.

Please contact Memorial Gifting if you would like to terminate your collection or cancel your pledge (before the collection has closed) at .

Refund / Return Policy

Memorial Gifting does not offer refunds once a pledge has been processed. A charity is not required to grant a donor’s request for a refund.

Customer service contact details

PO Box 9309, Tower Junction, Christchurch, New Zealand. Email: or phone: +64 27 4729180